Director:  Stephen Rock

Executive Producer:  Robert Beaudoin

Genre:  Horror/Comedy


The first feature length film from Abomination Films, DEAD BURGER! A voodoo priest raises the dead when a small town restaurant dares to put a tomato on his burger, and it's all up to a group of friends as the only witnesses to save the town from the impending zombie apocalypse!

Released October 2017, available now for free on YouTube

The Last Hunt (Preproduction Hold)

Writer/Director : Stephen Rock

Executive Producer:  TBD

Genre:  Horror/Comedy

A family on a symbolic last hunting trip encounters more than they bargained for when they discover a cult performing a human sacrifice ritual deep in the woods! Quickly they find themselves trapped in their own cabin against an unknown army of knife wielding cultists!

Currently on hold pending the resolution of the COVID 19 Pandemic


Director:  Stephen Rock

Screenwriter:  Stephen Rock

Genre:  Horror/Comedy

Zombies and Burgers weren't the only things we were working on all this time.... But it's too early to officially say anything yet!

We are looking for new cast and crew members to flesh out our team. All are welcome to apply, email us today. Filming will likely be non-union or ultra low budget SAG/AFTRA if our budget allows, and will be filming in the greater Albany NY or Adirondack Park areas of New York. More details including a new crowdfunding campaign to be announced.



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