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About Our Company History

Abomination Films is a film group started by a collection of like minded friends interested in making the movies we wanted to see. Since our hearts are in genre films, what we make means lots of blood, a little scifi, a whole lot of horror, and as many laughs as we can squeeze in as well.

Our first film Dead Burger, which released in October 2017, is a dark comedy based on our "what if" plans in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Our plans were crazy and outlandish, so it seemed obvious to make it a comedy.

With script in hand, we met with a few people in the independent film scene and decided to make it a project. That led to contacting some more friends who owned locations and equipment. We then pooled our resources to make the video you see below, becoming the group we are today

Because of 33 wonderful people who took a chance on us through Kickstarter, we were able to start down a long road to chase our dreams.

This first project was completed with the help of our Kickstarter backers, who lit the spark by donating more than $5,000 to the film, which paid for our equipment and location rentals. We then went to work as volunteers and poured our hearts, minds, and souls into the project. While it was not all sunshine and rainbows we persevered and against all odds were able to create Dead Burger as it existed on YouTube today.

We thrive on our audience's support. We want to bring the power to you the fans, which will enable us to deliver you our vision of what movies should be, and you can have your input by making or breaking our crowdfunding campaigns. We also offer rewards that allow our backers to put their own personal stamp on the movie, and all donations or volunteer work on set earns a movie credit.

Abomination Films is owned and operated by Filmmaker Stephen Rock.

To reach out to Steve directly, email us at

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