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Like many other production companies out there Abomination Films has been hit hard by the current situation regarding COVID-19 in the United States and the world at large. This threw our plans to the wind as like all people in the world right now.

Thankfully we happen to reside in an area that hasn't been hit as hard as other areas of the country.  

We found a new plan now, and have developed a new project that is able to be shot under social distance requirements and is being kept as small of a production as possible. It's our first venture in the Sci-Fi genre and we are confident we can tell a big story even with a small group. Announcing "GONE" to begin production in a few short weeks. Sets are being built, we are casting for some roles, and we hope to begin shooting by end of July 2020. If anyone is interested in how they can contribute to the project on or off set, please contact us by email, AbominationFilms@gmail.com

"A young woman awakens from strange dreams to discover she has been missing for 3 days!

Her search for answers may lead her out of this world." 

Production had been scheduled to begin during April 2020 on another feature "The Last Hunt" and sadly that has to be put on hold for the safety of our cast and crew. The production involves several actors and crew working in close quarters in a small cabin and cannot be done in any way that maintains a social distance. We have not abandoned the project, but have had to set it down for now like so many other projects currently due to general safety.

In recent months we had created and entered a couple short films to some internet based quarantine film festivals. We also have entered some scripts and tv show concepts to screenwriting contests, and plan to continue to be competitve in the months to come even while in production of our second feature.

For Now, our newest shorts are below! Also on our YouTube Channel our first feature Dead Burger is now available free! ENJOY!

About Abomination Films

Feature Projects

Our Story Begins

In the late 90's a few friends in a small upstate New York high school decided to start playing with their halloween makeup and their father's cameras. While not many of those early works survived, that group of friends would grow up, grow apart, and then strangely keep coming back together as small town folk tend to do. Some new faces joined the circle of friends from both close and afar, and that led to the formal creation of Abomination Films in 2011. 

We chose the name Abomination Films as we did not want to do solely horror based projects, and we wanted to be a mixture of different genres especially blending our horror with humor. We started with some short films and eventually a zombie comedy script took shape. In 2012 we went to Kickstarter for crowdfunding and were able to raise $5000 USD from our backers to buy the equipment and start production. 5 years of struggle and first time filmmakers learning the ropes the hard way and we were able to release and bring Dead Burger, our first zany zombie comedy to the big screen at the Madison Theater in Albany NY. We also were able to set up a vendor table at Rock and Shock 2017 to self release the film.

As of May 1st 2020 due to the Global Coronavirus Pandemic we have had to put all feature work on hold. Progress will continue in the future and we will have our time in the sun again. Until then we are planning web series and short films. When the time is right, we will assemble our patiently waiting cast and crew and begin. We also will launch a crowdfunding campaign again to give you a chance to participate in the film in both a financial and at higher tiers creative way.

We look forward to entertaining you.

Thank you for joining us! - Stephen Rock, Founder


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Stephen Rock

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